Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Peter Pamire: Who is he?

Do you remember Peter Pamire? Most definately not because he did not take time to build a chronicling culture, a.k.a a biography. We all remember the great works of enterprise he did, which would have most probably exceeded that of ZECO founder Phillip Chiyangwa. Peter Pamire was the first in many things. He was known for the black empowerment thrust, leading the race. Peter would have been a great leader in our memories, had he written something down for himself, and for us who desired to learn from him.

Unfortunately, like every foolish successful African entrepreneur, filled with greed and short sightedness, did not bother buying a simple camera to record his life, or even hire a journalist to be his personal scribe. Instead, he invested all his effort to accumulation of wisdom, without a outlet point and the accumulatin of Pajeros, that eventually killed him.

The greatest asset one can buy is a book that they will write everything about themselves, for the sake of those to come. This is what shapes economies and lives of nations. We all emulate the Greeks, only because each one of them, great or small, chronicled his life. This, Peter Pamire, and many others, did not consider this.


tarimanwest said...

Hie this is TARIMAN WEST,In my life i lean alot about Peter pamire and philip chiyangwa thos guys the where from poor famely but the worked very hard for there life endup richest guys in the country,i love them alot there my rolemodel,rest in peac P pamire,big up Philip chiyangwa.by TARIMAN WEST.

soAfrican said...

I agree wt TARIMAN WEST dat hardwork brought Chiyangwa success. However he is far from being Zim's richest man. The Nigel Chanakiras, Strive Masiyiwas, Sam Levys, Muhhamed Musas & Shingi Mutasas of Zimbabwe do exist! Big Fidza Chiyangwa is the most..eh.. verbal, best-dressed plus he hails from a powerful dynasty. I repeat he is NOT Zim's richest, not by a long shot. IMHO.